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KeyMACRO is a comprehensive data solution for zip codes, census tracts, blocks and other geographic regions.
KeyMACRO for zip codes can be used to extract data from more than 3,000,000 licensees. If you have more than 50 ZIP Codes in your database and less than 100,000 licensees, you can install KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes to expand your database.
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes is easy to use. KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes instantly extracts zip code, census tract, block and other geographic region data.
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes also offers more attributes than any other zip code extractor and allows you to create data for smaller regions, such as zip code, census tract, block, county, state, metro area, census region, country, and continental area.
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes provides you with a monthly update of new zip codes and updates of fields that are frequently updated. This enables you to be sure that you have the most current data available.
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes uses standard zip code data.
Additional Information:
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes is a complete zip code database and data extraction tool that comes with 7 free software packages that you can use to process your data.
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes supports over 80 data elements that include ZIP code, census tract, block, neighborhood, city, county, state, metro area, county subdivision, and zip code county (ZCC).
KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes is easy to use and learn. KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes automatically extracts and sorts data and creates data files with the information that you specify.
KEYMACRO Data Base Specifications:
Zip Code:
1. ZIP Codes in the KeyMACRO for ZIP Codes data base include the complete list of 3,000,000 US zip codes
2. The complete list of 3,000,000 US zip codes can be updated online.
3. The complete list of 3,000,000 US zip codes is delivered to you monthly
4. Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 are supported in this zip code database
5. ZIP Codes that begin with 0 are supported in this zip code database
6. ZIP Codes that are ten digits in length are supported in this zip code database
7. The length of ZIP Codes in this zip code database is from 4 to 12 digits
8. ZIP Codes that have consecutive numbers in the range 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO is a program that makes life easier when typing macros and key combinations in Windows.
With KeyMACRO, all keyboard functions can be bound to key combinations and hotkeys.
However, there are two different types of KeyMACRO: (1) Macro-Key MACROs.
A Macro-Key is a macro key that can be assigned to execute a program or do some special function.
To create a Macro-Key, right-click the KeyMACRO icon and choose New Macro.
(2) Hotkey MACROs.
A Hotkey is a combination of keys that is used to activate a special program or perform a special function.
To create a Hotkey, right-click the KeyMACRO icon and choose New Hotkey.
■ 14 days trial
System Macros Description:
System Macros is a program that provides an easy way to add application-specific system-wide hotkeys, in addition to
the Windows hotkeys provided by the operating system.
System Macros allows you to set up your own hotkeys for:
■ Most Windows applications,
■ Email,
■ Search,
■ Web browser,
■ Media Player, and
■ Network connections.
■ 14 days trial
KScope Description:
KScope is a utility that is used to quickly test and debug a Windows program.
It’s used to detect and report errors or warning messages and statements within the source code of a
It’s very similar to a compiler, except it reports errors rather than issues warnings.
■ 14 days trial
Hangman Description:
Hangman is a program that helps you to test your own spelling.
In fact, it is used as a kind of game to improve your spelling.
Hangman includes thousands of words that you can choose.
If you are having trouble remembering a word, you can ask it to help you.
When you are presented with a word, you need to guess at the correct letter in order to
guess the word.
As your score improves, you will notice more words at the bottom of the screen which are
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If you are stuck on a particular word, you can type in a letter or words that you think the
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It includes a word list from

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