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Automatically turns your messages into keyboard macros. Create macros for different users or functions. Keymacro will work with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
– Macro files are just text files.
– Each file must be added to the folder where you saved the program.
– Example: c:\keymacro\a.mac
– Format of the file: a.mac
– The macro must be at least 1 line long.
– The first line of the macro must be a comment line with ‘#’.
– You can save the macro as.mac file, but you have to double-click the file, otherwise you will get a pop up window.
– You can use an existing macro in the current file.
– After you save a macro, you can use it by typing it in the input box and pressing the ‘Enter’ key.
– After you finish typing, the macro will be inserted.
– You can edit the macro by editing the original file.
– To remove a macro, delete the macro file.
– If you forget to save the macro, Keymacro will remember it for the next time.
– Select the macro file type:.mac,.txt,.txt-ins,.rtf,.rtf-ins,.html,.htm,.rtf-html,.doc,.doc-ins,.doc-html,.ppt,.ppt-ins,.pps,.pps-ins,.xls,.xls-ins,.xls-html,.xls-htm,.xls-htm-ins,.xls-html-ins,.eml,.eml-ins,.eml-html,.eml-htm,.eml-htm-ins,.pdf,.pdf-ins,.pdf-html,.pdf-htm,.pdf-htm-ins,.css,.css-ins,.css-html,.css-htm,.css-htm-ins,.pst,.pst-ins,.pst-html,.pst-htm,.pst-htm-ins,.eml.eml-ins,.eml.eml-html,.eml.eml-htm,.eml.eml-htm-ins,.pdf.pdf-ins,.pdf.pdf 384a16bd22

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NFS Abstract Line – screensaver which shows on your screen animated lines with a drawing style of nfsAbstractLine. When the motion of the lines is turned off, you have a real rest.
The screensaver constantly takes screenshots (line pictures) and based on their composition the line rotation changes.
When the NFS Abstract Line Screensaver is off, the blue line rotating around the black background will decorate your monitor.Q:

Calling JS from page loaded by AJAX

The web application I’m working on is comprised of a web page and some aspx pages. The aspx pages contain Javascript and I’m trying to access them from the web page, but so far the aspx pages are empty and the only javascript available is to the elements on the page. The only way I have found to make the web page work is to actually call an aspx page and then that aspx page contains the js. The problem is that I cannot call the aspx page from the web page as it’s outside the form it lives in.
Here is an example of my problem:

function goToSecondPage()
location.href = “link.aspx”;

Obviously link.aspx doesn’t exist, but there is a js file in that aspx page that can be reached.


A simpler solution is to put the javascript function in the form of a field:

function goToSecondPage()
location.href = “link.aspx”;

The click will fire the JS, which will trigger the onclick attribute on the button.
That way, you will be able to access the function directly in the JS of the link.aspx page
var script = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];
script.onload = function() {

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