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KeyMacro is a small program which saves you from typing long text into your Programs.INI or.VCF file.
Just copy & paste your macro into a.INI or.VCF file, close it and open it again in your program.

How to get help for this program:
First, go to the main window and click “Open Help File”.
Second, click on the help tab.
Or, type “help” in the console and press Enter.
You can also use the “Find a Help File” menu option.
You can also send a message to

Create a batch file named notepad that should look like this: notepad.bat
CALL “%WINDIR%\System32\calc.exe”

Then, copy the batch file and paste it into the text file.
This will show you how to run a program from a text file.

It will allow you to configure what the text in the text file will run,
such as, enable/disable repeating
and what key it will run on.

For more help on configuration, use the drop down menu on the main window.

If you have a document with no blank line between paragraphs, you can select all the text on that page, using this technique.

To do so, put your cursor in the top line of the text.
While the cursor is in the top line, press the Home key and the End key at the same time.
You should see a small vertical bar at the top of the screen.
Click the bar and the cursor will be placed in the bottom line of the text.
Press the Home key and the End key again to select all the text in the page.

Note: Pressing the Home key and the End key at the same time may cause minor problems on some systems.
In that case, select the entire page by pressing the Home key and the End key at the same time and after you have pressed the Home key, go to the end of the text.
Press the End key to select the whole page and then press the Home key once again to go back to the top line.

Using the Zip Archive software, you can delete a zip file from an SD card without losing the data stored in the zip file.

To do so, download the program from: 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO will allow you to easily record the keystrokes that are typed. The keystrokes can be stored and can be recalled at a later date. This is achieved by having the KEYMACRO app “monitor” the keyboard, and storing the keystrokes in a local file. If you have the 64-bit version of Windows XP, this feature is built into the operating system. In the event that you cannot run the 64-bit version of Windows XP, you will have to use the 32-bit version of Windows XP, and may have to find a program that will do the monitoring of the keyboard (I did not find one). If you wish to use KEYMACRO with Windows Vista or higher, it is recommended that you install the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.
Every time you type a keystroke, that keystroke is stored in the file. The number of keystrokes you can store in the file depends on the size of the file. KEYMACRO can use either a normal file or an encrypted file. If you wish to encrypt the keystrokes, you must use the Crypt tool.
If you decide to use the encrypted file option, you will have to provide a password to decrypt the file. The KEYMACRO program can store up to 10,000 keystrokes in a normal file, but only 10 keystrokes in an encrypted file.
If you decide to use the normal file, the file is named “KEYMACRO.LOG”. However, if you use the encrypted file, the file is named “KEYMACRO.LOG.AES”. The file is encrypted so that you cannot read the keystrokes until you have provided the correct decryption password to decrypt the file. This ensures that you cannot view your keystrokes without knowing the password.
The encrypted file can be read with the Crypt tool. You will need a password. If you have no password, the file will be unreadable. The password is either a word that you choose, or it is a word, that you can remember.
There are two possibilities when storing the keystrokes in the encrypted file. Either the whole keystrokes are stored, or only the keys that you pressed. If you wish to be able to recover all the keystrokes in the file, you must use the whole keystrokes option. If you only wish to be able to recover the keys that you pressed, you must use the keys only option.
KEYMACRO stores the

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