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KEYMACRO creates a virtual keyboard that allows you to create complex macros that create multiple keys with a single press of the button.
Keyboard is very sensitive to keyboard size and will fit the correct size as soon as it is opened.
■ Window Location: Center, Left, Right
■ Window Style: Window, No Border
■ Button Size: Large, Medium, Small
■ Keyboard Size: Large, Medium, Small
■ Separation: 0 (fills entire monitor), 1
■ Custom Color: A new Windows color can be selected in the ‘Custom color’ field.
■ Font size: A new Font size can be selected in the ‘Custom Font Size’ field.
■ Lines of text: A new number of lines of text can be selected in the ‘Custom Lines of text’ field.
■ Text Color: A new color can be selected in the ‘Custom Text Color’ field.
■ Background Color: A new Windows color can be selected in the ‘Custom Color’ field.
■ Cursor Color: A new Windows color can be selected in the ‘Custom Color’ field.


To save you some time – it’s exactly what you want (as you said “Basic CPU Moniter Plus is a free widget that monitors your cpu”):
For Windows:
For Mac OS X:
For Linux:
Other OSes are not supported, sorry.


The widget for mac uses the docky and apache applications as well.


How do i set the default selection for c# datagrid using.net 4.0

I have a datagrid in my form,
. It gets loaded with a query and everything is fine,
. When i try to go to a row that is already present in the datagrid it gives me an exception (on the line that tries to load the row)
this is the exception: 384a16bd22

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CadenaSER Player is a radio player for streaming radio from the Spanish CadenaSER.
CadenaSER Player brings you the live sound of this radio right to your desktop
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine
Rinzo XML Editor

Fun With JavaScript
JavaScript is one of the most-used scripting languages on the Internet. This
chapter presents an introduction to JavaScript, including how to view a page’s
JavaScript code and how to test JavaScript from within your Web browser. In
addition, the chapter includes an introduction to the various other “client-side”
technologies that complement JavaScript, such as XML and HTML.
It is possible to write useful programs in JavaScript even if you have little
knowledge of computer programming. However, JavaScript is not a simple scripting
language, and you can use the techniques presented in this chapter only if you
know the language itself. The following requirements are necessary to follow
this chapter:
■ Basic familiarity with the ASCII character set.
■ A basic understanding of the concept of a program.
■ Knowledge of the concepts of variable and data types in general.
JavaScript is a dynamic language, which means that changes in the
environment result in changes in the function. As a result, a good
understanding of JavaScript is necessary to use its facilities. In this
chapter, you are introduced to the basic facilities of JavaScript, such as
the JavaScript environment and variable types. You are also introduced
to the JavaScript Programming Language, which you should use for detailed
explanations of JavaScript-specific topics, including how to control the
navigation of pages.
You should also read the following chapters in order to better understand
■ The chapters in the Introducing the Browser, Getting Started with
JavaScript, and JavaScript Programming.

JavaScript Viewing
JavaScript Viewing
This chapter shows you how to view the source code of a page with JavaScript.
A web page is not always made up of HTML tags; in fact, most pages include
JavaScript code that controls the layout and content of the page. The source
code of a page that uses JavaScript can be found by pointing your Web browser at
the page itself, clicking View Source in the Page Properties dialog box, or
clicking the Page Source link at the bottom of the page.
When the web browser is displaying


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